Cotton sifter pads


  1. name:cotton sifter pads (plansifter pads, plansifter cleaner, planfifter accessories, mesh pads, sieve cleaner, milling fabrics.
  2. material 100%cotton
  3. standard size: 75mm length x 58mm width x 8mm thickness
  4. rivet: metal slider with chromeplate
  5. packing: 500 piece per carton

Was improved this product according to the suggestion from our end users (flour mills), these products are unique, and its thickness, hardness are special designed, used very well in our clients side at home and abroad.
The cotton type reduce the damage of the sieve and can prolong it's service life.

As the sifter cleaner of the high square screening machinery in flour mills.
It is installed between the screen surface and steel mesh, doing regular movement under the screen surface.