Dust filter bag with different finish treatment and their properties

Now a day's dust filter bag is required generally by all the manufacturing plants. Dust filter bag is used to filter pollutants from the factory atmosphere. Dust filter bag is also readily available in fabric with special surface coating and finishes.

1- Plain- It is natural finish. It is a normal purpose matter

2-Singed-It is accomplished by exposing media to open flame to burn off any loose fibers. Dust filter bag helps dust layer formation.

3-Glazed- It is accomplished by running media over the hot roller which touches fibers and results in a smooth eggshell finish. Dust filter bag also boosts the dust layer release.

4- Acrylic Coated- Air permeable acrylic surface coated polyester for moist situations.

5- Flame retardant- Dust filter bag is not flame -proof. But it offers a self extinguishing feature that is utilized when sparks are involved during grinding process.

6-Teflon Membrane- Membrane of dust filer bag delivers an especially smooth high-efficiency finish.

7-Fiber glass- Dust Filter Bag product of fiber glass are high temperature and chemical -proof woven fabric.

8-Dust filter bag is spark proof.

9-Dust filter bag is anti gluey.

10-Dust filter bag is micro porous. It is also anti acids and other special finishes.

Types of dust filter bag-

A- Fiber Glass Dust Filter Bag

The dust filter bag is manufactured from glass fiber woven fabric that is special treat. This product has good heat resistance capability and implemented at 260 degree centigrade for a long time. It is ideal heat-resistant purification materials and has good stable size with good chemical resistant power, anti water, anti moisture and great dust peeling properties. The filtration efficiency of this category of dust filter bag is more than 99.5 percent. Now a day the glass fiber is generally used in cement, carbon black, electric power and metallurgical industries for removing dust in the condition of high temperature.

B-High Temperature Filter Bags-

If collector gas stream is from 150 degree centigrade to 260 degree centigrade. In this situation high temperature dust filter bag typed dust filter bag is utilized. Dust filter bag of this variety is made from efficient media on high temperature, which is mostly compatible with any gas stream. Dust filer bag of this category is utilized in temperature between 150 and 260 degree centigrade in combination with strong acid or alkaline mixture. Dust filter bag of this kind is product of Nomex,Ryton, Teflon and fiber glass.

C- Ptfe Membrane Lamination Filter Bags-

Dust filter bag of this form provide PTFE membrane laminated filter bags to counter the disadvantage of conventional depth filtration media. In traditional media felt fabrics at a media for the built up of a dust layer. Which in turn capture even more and finer elements of dust? The dust filter bag is cleaned up continuously to remove some of the dust layer and then start the process all over again.

PTFE membrane lamination on this dust filter bag functions surface filtration . Where the filtration is completed by a micro porous PTFE membrane which is laminated to a process suitable filter media. The support media presents in this dust filter bag the physical strength to fabric whereas filtration is done by the membrane. This phenomenon is known as surface filtration. This form of dust filter bag provides benefits as follows-

1- Consistently low pressure drop throughout the life of the filter bag.

2-Lower outlet emissions.

3-may take process upset more easily and thus minimizes downtime.

4-Generally the life is double than a normal filter bag if all other elements in the bag house remain same.

5-Lower operation and maintenance cost.

6-Great product recovery.

D-Pulse Jet Filer Bags-

This form of dust filter bag is manufactured with sophisticated non woven felt. This is the cloth which brings high overall performance and strength. This style of dust filer bag is employed for flying dust filtration in the industries.

E- Shaker / Reverse Dust Filer Bags-

Dust filer bag of this variety is manufactured from woven fabrics (for example spun and filament) and non woven felt medias and utilized in industries for filtration purpose.