Dust filter cartridge

High efficiency pleated filter cartridges for pulse jet dust collectors


  • World famous brand filter media: 100% spun bond polyester Smooth surface of filters.
  • Highest filter efficiency more than 99.99% Proper number of pleats, wide and rigid pleats Large Length-to-OD ratio.
  • Offers excellent dust release Incorporate design according to requirements Various installation options available, easy to install and save time.
  • Airtight gasket accessories available Applications in many temperatures conditions.

Spun Bonded Polyester Air Filter Cartridge


  • Suitable for the filtration of fine dust type in plastics, spray powder, sand blasting, pigment ,and wood industries.
  • Superior polyester filament filter material with tight pore structure.
  • Excellent moisture resistance and dust release properties.
  • Durable and rigid material, washable Greater withstanding performance to pulse jet than traditional materials.
  • Electrochemical plate top and bottom, no rust Perforated zinc galvanized metal inner core allows good airflow.
  • Specialty chlorine rubber gasket to ensure airtight sealing.
  • Applicable temperature: 93-135℃.

Spun Bonded Polyester Air Filter Cartridge with PTFE Membrane


  • Suitable for the fitration of very fine dust type in welding fumes, mechanical processing, pharmaceutical and construction industries and sticky dust collection.
  • Superior spun bonded polyester with PTFE membrane, microporou offers 99.99+% filter efficiency.
  • Wide pleat spacing and smooth, hydrophobic PTFE provides excellent particle release .
  • Excellent resistance to chemical erosion.
  • Electrochemical plate/stainless steel top and bottom, no rust perforated zinc galvanized metal inner core allows good airflow.
  • Applicable temperature: 93-135℃.