Fiberglass needle felt for dust collector systems

Standard sample:
Material: 100% fiber glass fiber / fiber glass high tensile strength filament scrim
Weight: 880g/sq.m
Air Permeability: 280 L/ m2. S @200pa
Tensile strength: Warp: >1800N/5cm; Weft :> 1800N /5cm
Elongation : Warp: < 10%; Weft: <10%
Service Temperature: Continues: <240℃; Peaks: 260℃
Shrinkage (at 260℃):<1%.
Surface treatment:Silicon oil treatment, glazed.
The other finish treatment available is PTFE bathing and membrane.

Fiber glass needle punched felt is a reasonable new type of filter media used for fiber bags in high temperature circumstance, which with the properties of three dimensional cellular structure, with a high hold rate, low air resistance, the filter efficiency will superior than woven filter fabrics can up to 99.9%, with a high filter velocity will the two times when compare with other normal woven filter fabrics, this fabrics widely used in carbon plant, chemical plant, metallurgical plant, coal fired boiler, etc. Fiber glass needle felt applicable to the pulse jet bag filter system, high temperature and corrosion resistance, with good performance for manage the industrial dust pollution, and recycle the valuable particles.
Fiber glass blend with other high temperature resistance fiber needle felt, we called FMS. FMS is a good high temperature resistance filter fabrics, this fabrics mainly made by 5.5 micron diameter glass fiber blend with P84 (polyimide), aramid(Nomex), PPS (ryton) fiber, with the three dimensional cellular structure, low air resistance, especial blend with P84 which with leaf style fiber, can increase the filter surface (80%), so easy to collect the dust, increase the fiber cohesion, can accept the high wind speed (50% higher about 1~1.4m/min), and also with the properties of abrasion resistance. This kind of fabrics widely used in metallurgical plant, chemical plant, coal fired boiler, incinerator, cement plant for dust collector or smoke filtration in high temperature circumstance.


  1. special specification can be customized.
  2. maximum width: 2.3 meters.
  3. both filter cloth rolls and filter bags are available from Fiberflow Filtration.


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