Filter cloth with PTFE membrane treatment for dust filter bags making

Fiberflow Filtration provides Expanded PTFE Membrane finishes for all dust collector filter bag applications. Using a PTFE Membrane coated filter bag allows bag filter house engineers to reduce capital and operational costs, as well as the ability to design the bag filter house for higher airflows. Use of a PTFE membrane coated filter bag also provides for a degree of protection from the "unknown" and "unpredictable" changes that sometimes occur during bag filter house operations. The PTFE membrane is in most instances, the best economic choice for filter material.
The expanded PTFE Membrane permits more air to pass through the filter material while trapping particulate on the surface. Use of the PTFE membrane filter material for bag filter house filtration represents the highest technological development available today in the filter material finish marketplace.
Some engineers prefer to think of PTFE membrane as a pre-installed primary dust cake that imfilter materialtely, when installed into a bag filter house, provides the high efficiency levels that normally occur after a bag has been in use for several months of application.

Why PTFE membran?
Some of the main reasons why engineers choose to use an Extended PTFE Membrane for filtration are:
Superior emission control: resulting in a reduction of regulatory fines & the ability to meet more stringent emission codes.
Improved service life of filter material: the non-stick PTFE surface promotes dust cake release which reduces the energy needed to keep the filter bags clean. Less wear and ear on filter bags results in longer service life.
Low operating pressure drops: Initial filter bag drag or pressure drop in PTFE membrane filters starts off low and maintains this level better than the alternative conventional filter material which tends to build dust cake and pressure drop accordingly. Increased pressure drop can be equated with wasted energy to operate a bag filter house.
Ability to recover from upset conditions: In plant situations where a bag filter house might be subject to thermal, chemical, or moisture upsets, a PTFE membrane coated filter bag has no problem handling these situations since PTFE membranes resist attack by these agents and are ready to recover permeability once they are placed back on-line. This could save a bag filter house from costly plant shut-downs, and filter bag replacement costs.
Higher air flows: See section above about low pressure drops. In a bag filter house not previously equipped with PTFE membrane coated filter material, substitution of PTFE membrane filter bags results in higher air-flow capability. Alternatively, bag filter houses designs which incorporate PTFE Membrane filter material from the start often select higher air-to-cloth ratio designs using fewer filter bags.
Cost effectiveness: The initial cost of PTFE membrane filter material may be higher than the alternative conventional filter material; the many benefits listed above provide a strong argument favoring PTFE membrane as the most cost effective filter material when measured over the useful life of the product. As emissions regulations become even more stringent, the same arguments will favor PTFE membrane even more clearly.

PTFE membraneneedle felt with PTFE membrane

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