Filter press cloth

Filter Press Cloth is employed for plate and frame filter press, chamber press and other presses. Filter Press Cloth is also a purification media. Filter Press cloth is manufactured with monofilament and multifilament yarns in PET, PP, and PA6. The filter press cloth is woven fabric making use of monofilament or multifilament synthetic fibers. Combination of both can also be used. The most frequently using materials are polypropylene, polyester, and nylon. Filter Press cloth are basically preferred for filtering due to their strength and dust level release properties. With the proper cloth choice good cloth life which is typically between 1500-1800 cycles and good dust level release from the filter cloth can be expected. Filter Press Cloth type is normally dependent on the style of filter plate selected for the application.
Kinds of Filter Press Cloth-
A- CAULKED, GASKETED, RECESSED CHAMBER CLOTH- Caulked, Gasket, Recessed plates provide a virtually leak proof filter plates. Filter Press cloth of these plates are octagonal shaped with a caulking cord sewed into the periphery. When correctly installed inside the gasket surface of the place. It presents leak proof results. Filter Press clothes of these kinds are not interchangeable among the various plate manufacturers.

B-PLATE AND FRAME CLOTH- Filter Press Clothes of these forms are made for draping over the plates of plate and frame filter press. Although the frame filter press is hardly ideal for waste filtration. Its rugged manufacturing has resulted in a large number in use.


Filter Press cloth of this kind is somewhat easier to install. Its replacing is also easy than GR cloths. This filter Press Cloth has rectangular structure. This filer press cloth extends beyond the plate shape and edges. Filter Press Cloth of this class is furnished with grommet fasteners.

Usage of Filter Press Cloth:- 1 Pharmaceutical Industry- Filter Press Cloth is applied to purify bio technical substances in the medicine industry.

2- Chemical Industry- In the chemical industry it is utilized for manufacturing and Preparing of organic or inorganic parts and filtering.

3-Mining- Filter Press Cloth is used in watering of sulphidic ore concentrates and waste sludge.

4-Refining-It is also utilized for intermediate items in the production of zinc, tin and copper.

5- Environmental- De watering of all varieties of waste and organic sludge.

6- Food Processing and Beverage Industry- Filter Press Cloth is also applied in mash purification in breweries and different treatment in the product of sugar industry.

Benefit of using filter press cloth-
1- Filter Press cloth is easy for set up process. It is also completely fit to minimize downtime and wear.
2- Filter Press Cloth eliminates typical wrinkling and folding problems.
3- Filter Press Cloth's surface is smooth and it enables easy cleansing and dust coating release.
4- Filter Press Cloth comes in large range and pore sizes in the market. Its permeability is to meet specific filtration tasks without clogging.
5- Choice of substance for excellent chemical compatibility and temperature resistance.