How to help Fiberflow Filtration to choose a correct filter media for you?

There have those ways to confirm the right filter cloth you need:

  1. If you have used it before tell us the item you want:
    a.the filter cloth item
    b.the weight of every square meter
    c.the air permameability
    d.the construction if it is woven
    f.about the finished treatment of filter cloth you need
  2. If not,pls tell us the list:
    a.What type of filter do you have?
    b.What are you filtering?
    c.What range of PH?
    d.What Particle size? microns
    e.What operating temperatures?
    f.What operating pressures?
    g.What flow rate?
    h.What fiber?
    i.What yarn?
    g.What Construction?
    k.Weights range
    l.Wovens or Non-Wovens
    m.What finish?
    o.Any special tolerances?
    p.Packaging – special requirements?
    q.Shipping – special requests?
    r.Samples – if you need.

We can achieve it!