Introduction of Centrifuge Filter Bags

Centrifuge Filter Bags are used for separation of solid components from a suspension. Where centrifuge is presented with a centrifugal drum and a filter bag inserted therein. A boundary border of the centrifugal filter bag is fixed to the discharge end of the centrifugal drum. The other boundary edge is mounted to a mushroom-shaped bottom piece. The centrifugal drum and the bottom piece both are positioned co axially with respect to each other and are rotatable jointly. In addition the drum and bottom piece are relatively axially flexible in respect together during rotation. A lid is installed to the bottom piece and contacts the discharge end of the drum when the bottom piece is located at the bottom of the centrifugal drum during the centrifugal process itself. The lateral wall of the centrifugal drum are tapered conically to a minor extent toward the bottom at an angle which allow elimination of the centrifugal drum from the centrifuge filter bag in a suitable , simple and useful manner.
Centrifuge filter bags are perfectly proper for small system applications for instance side-stream installations and particular equipment protection. Centrifuge filter bags are the popular selection for removing sand, grit and other fine solids from the source of process which may be water or liquid. Centrifuge filter bags eliminate 98 percent of such elements 200 mesh (near about 74 microns) and larger.
With bigger solid particles (for instance metal chip, lead etc.) it provides good result. Centrifuge filter bag's unique approach of filtration is very productive.

Utilization of Centrifuge Filter Bags-
A- Food and Beverage-
1- Centrifuge filter bags are utilized in beer processing to eliminate yeast and dust particles.
2- Centrifuge filter bags are used in dairy processing to purify and protection of final filer.

B- Chemical Processing- Centrifuge filter bags are implemented in fine chemical filtration for coarse filtration purpose.

C-Advanced Coating and Photo emulsions- Centrifuge filter bags are applied in printed circuit board photo print line process in developer.

D-Health Care Processing- Centrifuge filter bags are implemented in medicine and water filtration to take away particles and visual clarity.

E-Electronics- Centrifuge filter bags are exercised to eliminate carbon. Fines in ultra pure water systems process, which is also known as ozonated process.

Centrifuge filter bags are also identified in industry applications for example oil and gas, petroleum, paints, pulp, paper and palm oil industries.

Types of Centrifuge filter bags-
A- Mesh Filter Bag- It is made using synthetic woven fabrics. Its production materials are
-Nylon Mono filament
-Polyester Mono filament
-Polypropylene Mono filament

1-Mono filament mesh bag offers extra strength and abrasion resistance.
2- Centrifuge filter bags of these types are presented in standard and custom sizes to produce properly fit in accordance to the standards and unique applications.
3- Centrifuge filter bags of these kinds deliver micron rating from 1 to 1000 with plastic and metal rings for versatility.
4- Centrifuge filter bags of this category are compact for very simple disposal to reduce costs.
5- Centrifuge filter bags of these sorts avoid contaminants during change-out for less water waste.

B-Felt Filter Bag- Centrifuge Filter Bags of this form are powerful at eliminating both solid and gelatinous particles. Manufacturing fabrics of these kind Centrifuge Filter Bags are Polyester and polypropylene. Broad range of these form Centrifuge Filter Bags offer outstanding filtration performance and better consistency. Centrifuge Filter Bags are regular and custom-sized for versatility. Centrifuge Filter Bags are offered with plastic and metal rings for diverse temperature compatibility. Centrifuge Filter Bags are welded or tailored constructed. Their easy change out decreases down time. These are compact for very easy disposition. They have high dust holding capability. These are proficient to eliminate gelatinous elements.

C-Fabrication Centrifuge bag- Centrifuge Filter Bags of these kind are offered for all models.