Micron rated filter bags

Fiberflow Filtration provide both felt and mesh micron rated filter bags for liqiud filtration.

The advantage of Suita brand micron rated filter bags:

  • 7 industry standard sizes
  • Good chemical compatibility
  • High flow - low pressure drop media
  • Both sewn or welded construction available & materials available
  • Choice of metal ring tops or molded Super Seal tops
The standard size of the micron filter bag
Size # Diameter (inch)
1 7.06 16.5
2 7.06 32.00
3 4.12 8.00
4 4.12 14.00
7 5.50 15.00
8 5.50 20.00
9 5.50 31.00

1. needle felt micron rated filter bags
Felt filter bag materials are made from synthetic fibers in polypropylene or polyester. The proper combination of fiber diameters, weights and thickness results in an economical depth type filter media. Polypropylene & polyester bags are supplied witih a glazed finish to reduce fiber migration.
Miron rating: 1 ~ 200 micron

A. thread sewn type with steel ring

B. Welded Filter Bags - Welded Bags are designed to meet the following requirements:
No Needle Holes
No Thread Contamination
Precision bonded cutting of the fabric edges
Maintain same efficiency as filter media

2. mesh filter bags
Material available: polyester mesh, PP mesh, nylon mesh.
Micron rating: 30 ~ 1800 micron.

Special design can be customized in Fiberflow Filtration.