Polyester anti-static needle felt filter cloth

Standard sample:
Material: 100% polyester virgin fiber/ Polyester antistatic scrim/ antistatic fiber
Weight: 500g/sq.m
Air Permeability: 300+/-50 L/ m2. S @200pa
Tensile strength: Warp: >950N/5cm; Weft :> 1100N /5cm
Elongation : Warp: < 35%; Weft: <55%
Service Temperature: Continues: <130℃; Peaks: 150℃
Shrinkage (at 150℃):<1%.
Surface treatment:singed & glazed, heat set.

Some industrial dust will blast once met the static discharge if the flammable and combustible materials' content comes to a certain extent, which will bring the explosion and fire, especial easily to happen when collect the dust in flour mills, chemical plants and coal industies, etc.So in the dedusting application of this case, the dust should be collected with special dust bags which are anti-static.
Absorbed the advanced technologies and developed the anti-static needle felts and woven cloths which can meet the special demands of the dust collection of blast furnace gas and coal gas in the cement industry, etc.


  1. special requirements on weight, air permeability can be customized.
  2. various antistatic fiber for choosing: carbon fiber, stainless steel fiber or copper fiber, modified anti static polyester fiber.
  3. maximum width:2.2meters.
  4. both filter cloth rolls and filter bags are available.


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