Polyester monofilament

1. Polyester (PET) monofilament for industrial fabrics weaving:
Diameter: 0.08-1.00mm.


breaking stre.

loop strength
dry heat shrinkage

0.08~1.0 ≥5.5 15~25 ≥5.2 0.8~10
items parameter tensile strength

PET mono-

0.08 69.3 ≥3.1 paper bobbin or plastic bobbin
0.10 108 ≥5.9 paper bobbin or plastic bobbin
0.12 155 ≥8.5 paper bobbin or plastic bobbin
0.15 243 ≥13.3 paper bobbin or plastic bobbin
0.18 350 ≥19.2 paper bobbin or plastic bobbin
0.20 432 ≥23.7 paper bobbin or plastic bobbin
0.22 522 ≥28.7 paper bobbin or plastic bobbin
0.25 675 ≥37.1 paper bobbin
0.26 730 ≥40.0 paper bobbin
0.28 846 ≥45.6 paper bobbin
0.30 972 ≥53.4 paper bobbin
0.32 1106 ≥60.8 paper bobbin
0.35 1323 ≥72.7 paper bobbin

Application: for producing mesh fabrics, woven/knitting belt, filter cloth, etc.
Package: paper reel,steel reel, plastic reel, etc.

2. Polyester plasteel wire (S.L.WIRES,support line,Black and white string, tension rope)

Color:Black,White and transparent.
A. Product Name: plasteel wire, pressure screen wire, steel wire or laminated line.
B. Technical parameters: black, white, transparent color oval diameter of 1.5-3.5mm, Tensile strength (N) ≥ 2200, 17.5% elongation at break.
C. Black support line is mainly used to the greenhouse and outdoor awning pull screen system, making use of lamination lines. Product line is also used to support Vineyard.
D. Transparent color screen care line pull-screen system for greenhouse and indoor awning to replace the metal structure products, film lines made with care.
E. Thermal stability: Polyester screen line up in the environmental temperature of -40 to 70 degrees Celsius circumstances, its mechanical properties and geometrical dimensions remain unchanged
F: Anti-UV stability:
In more than 30 months of outdoor tests showed that the use of transparent color screen line up the lower tensile strength of less than 3%, a black screen line up the intensity decreased less, which means that screen line up in greenhouse conditions (glass, plastic) and outdoor under long-lived conditions.
G: Anti-acid:
As with the characteristics of their own raw materials, polyester curtain line capability care climate aging, but also extend its service life.
H: Permanent smoothness:
Polyester screen line-up not hygroscopic, after years of use, it's smooth surface remains unabated, no burr there. Line up the screen to it's smooth surface of the sun by supporting the positive role of insulation screen, avoiding the sun insulating curtain of wear and tear
I: Environmental protection:
Polyester screen line up without corrosion, non-polluting, has played the role of protecting the environment, can be assured use

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