Pulse Jet Bag Filter

Because of comparatively low-cost and small-sized, pulse jet Bag filter is very preferred in the solid digesting industry. Now day's bag filters for bag houses are offered manufactured from different medias and well equipped to provide specific filtering efficiencies while handling a range of temperatures, chemistry, and dampness level. Pulse Jet Bag Filter are replacement of ESP and reverse gas fabric filters as the workhouse for particulate collection for solid fuel fired power plant and industrial boilers. This technology presents an increased particle filtration during wide range of running circumstances. On changes in fuel or minor upset in boiler, there is no effect in the performance. In this type of filter, a wire cage in each bag keeps it protected from collapsing during usual filtration.
When the flowing gas passes from the outside of the bag to the fabric, the dust elements form a coating on the surface of the bag. Cleaning the Pulse Jet Bag Filter is completed by controlled pulses of compressed air into each filter bag through a blow pipe and orifice assembly mounted just above the filter bag. This short duration air pulse exits the blowpipe orifices and travel down the filter bags. The gather dust layer is dislodged by the resulting shock wave and falls into the hoppers. Later dust is collected from the hoppers away from the fabric filter by dust transportation system for beneficial re-usage or disposal. Functioning and controlling of the fabric filter cast influence upon repair cost as well as emission.
Feature of Pulse Jet Bag Filters-
1- They are designed using long bag technology
2-They have integrated Gas and Dust Distribution Devices.
3-They have an improved pulse system.

Benefits of using Pulse Jet Bag Filter:-
1- Pulse Jet Bag Filters reduce equipment footprint.
2-They cut down field construction time and cost.
3-Their preservation cost is low than others.
4-They have less ancillary components.
5-They advance cleanup proficiency.
6-They minimize pressure loss.
7-They cut down compressed air use and power consumption.
8-They boost bag life.
9-They eliminate forced outages for fabric maintenance.
10-Clean-side maintenance minimizes personnel exposure to fly ash and sorbet.
11-They can be developed according to particular site.
12-Their setting up cost is lower than others.
13-They minimize project lead time.
14-They lessen potential for casing leak.
15-They lessen tube sheet deflection to maintain bag alignment.
16- They lessen the effect to filter media due to excursion or abnormal operating conditions.

Types of Pulse Jet Bag Filters:-
1-Online -
In an online pulse jet bag filter, bag is cleaned line by line. Cleaning sequence is mechanically handled by sequence controller. This operates the simultaneously solenoid and pulse valves which direct the air flow into the manifold. The holes are jig drilled for perfect alignment with the venturi center for achieving highest cleaning capability.

2- Off-line:-
It incorporates the merits of a pulse jet bag filter as well as that of a reverse air bag house. Each component of this style of pulse jet bag filter is comparable to online pulse jet bag filter. The cleaning technique of this type of pulse jet bag filter is made of sequentially isolating each compartment and then cleaning the isolated compartment with compressed air. Generally off-line bag filter is applied for larger gas volume and suitable for light and fine dust particles.
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