The importance of filter bags (for liquid filter bag)

The main function of filter bags is to carry out filtrage. Filter bags are made of very carefully selected media satisfying industrial specifications and parameters. There are several varieties of media available which are implemented to finish filter bags. Some of these are needle felt, mono filament and multi filament .These medias are productive in removing solid particles from liquid where large volume of contaminants are present. Filter Bags are an efficient solution to many filtration problems.
Features and Benefits-
Filter Bags are tools of high overall performance and its filter rating starts from 1 and exceeds till 200 microns. They have viscous fluid ability. They present high flow rate. Filter Bags provide low pressure drop. Filter Bags supply broad chemical compatibility. They deliver positive sealing arrangement with choice of materials.
It has high dirt handling efficiency. It has less servicing labor. It is FDA and NSF compliance.
Categories of Filter Bags-

1-Polypropylene Non-Woven Felt Standard Class- It is made from non-woven micron felt bag filters. It is single side singed/glazed to eliminate loose fiber migration. Its features are -
It is FDA compliant non woven felt.
It is 100 percent free of silicon contamination.
It has a single layer depth media composites.
It has 1-200 micron range ,nominal rating.
It has patented SDS& STS pressure seal rings, steel snap-fit rings.
It has wide chemical compatibility.
It has migration and extractable free treatment.
It has huge contaminant retention capabilities and extended service lives.

2- Polypropylene Non-Woven Felt Extended Class- It is the primary filter layer manufactured from non single media keeping all pore openings on the felt unblocked, it is powerful in slowing down the premature development of dust cakes. Therefore it extends filters service life. It features are as follows-

It is FDA compliant non woven felt.
It 100 percent free of silicon contaminants.
It is dual level composite media.
It expands life of filter system till 30%.
It has efficiency of 1-200 micron range, nominal rank
It has patented SDS & STS pressure seal rings, steel snap fit rings.
It has wide-ranging chemical abilities.
It also has the characteristic of fiber migration and extractable free media treatment.
It has large contaminants retaining capacities and expands the service life of the filtration system

Other types of Filter Bags are-

3- Polypropylene Non-Woven Felt Durable Class
4- Polypropylene Matrix Composites
5- Polypropylene Pleated Composites
6- Polypropylene Microfiber Oil Adsorbent Composites
7- Polypropylene Microfiber Oil Adsorbent Composites Pleated
8- Polyester Non-Woven Felt Standard Class
9- Polyester Non-Woven Felt Extended Class
10- Polyester Non-Woven Felt Durable Class
11- Polyester Pleated Composites
12- Nylon Mono filament Mesh Standard Class
13- Nylon Mono filament Mesh Extended Class
14- Nylon Mono filament Mesh Bulk Class
15- Polyester Mono filament Mesh Standard Class
16- Polyester Mono filament Mesh Extended Class
17- Polypropylene Mono filament Mesh Standard Class
18- Polypropylene Mono filament Mesh Extended Class
19- Activated Coconut Shell Carbon Absorbent Composites
20- Polyester Mono filament Mesh Bags, Bulk Class
21- Absolute Efficiency Bags, Pleated
22- Polypropylene Bags, Bi-directional Flow
23- Polyester Bags, Bi-directional Flow
24- Water Absorbent Matrix Bags
25- Polyester Micron Felt Bags, Anti-static Class
Usage of Filter Bags-
1- It is utilized as phosphate filtration.
2-It is used as E-coat paint filtration.
3-It is utilised as spray and dip rinse water filtration.
4-It is implemented in water pressing and additive filtration.
5-It is utilised in paint filtration.
6-It is utilised as Pre - filter for RO membrane cartridge.
7-It is used as bottled water filtration.
8-It is used as process and cooling water filtration.
9-It is used in waste water processing.