The innovative PPS dust filter bags for thermal power plants

PPS needle felt filter cloth.
The properties of the PPS fiber.

Why choose the PPS dust filter bag for thermal power plants from?

  1. Emission be well controlled < 20mg / NM3.
    Well protect the environment from the air pollution.
  2. Innovative surface treatment, lower resistance in bag filter house.
    For getting a lower emission, many suppliers will do the PTFE membrane treatment; the problem is the resistance in the bag filter house is much higher (up to 1500 Pa), solved this problem, can help our clients save much power and prolong the service life of the filter bags.
    For more information, please contact sales.
  3. Long service life, can offer the guarantee according to the working circumstance from operation.
  4. Easy install and maintenance, offer the whole range after sales service.
  5. Innovative equipment and action pattern of.
  6. Professional engineers and stilled workers, think all for the clients.