Water and oil repellent needle felt filter cloth for dust collector bags

Standard sample(polyester):
Material: 100% polyester virgin fiber/ Polyester high tensile strength scrim
Weight: 500g/sq.m
Air Permeability: 280 L/ m2. S @200pa
Tensile strength: Warp: >1000N/5cm; Weft :> 1200N /5cm
Elongation : Warp: < 25%; Weft: <55%
Service Temperature: Continues: <130℃; Peaks: 150℃
Shrinkage (at 150℃):<1%.
Surface treatment:singed & glazed, heat set, water & oil repellent.

Standard sample (Nomex):
Material: 100% aramid filter / aramid scrim
Weight: 500g/sq.m
Air Permeability: 280 L/ m2. S @200pa
Tensile strength: Warp: >800N/5cm; Weft :> 1300N /5cm
Elongation : Warp: < 25%; Weft: <50%
Service Temperature: Continues: <204℃; Peaks: 220℃
Shrinkage (at 200℃):<1%.
Surface treatment:singed & glazed, heat set, water & oil repellent

We also can finish them with Teflon bathing and membrane. Our polyester needle felt adopt sound needle punching nonwoven workmanship, with the property of stable physical dimension, easy cake release, good air permeability, widely used for industrial dust collection and liquid filtration, etc.

After water-oil repelled treatment, can be use in the circumstance of moisture and oil mist for a long time. After the PTFE membrane treatment the felt will with the property of smooth surface, easy cake release, high filter efficiency, save energy, long life, etc.


  1. Special specification can be customized.
  2. maximum width: 2.3 meters.
  3. both filter cloth rolls and filter bags are available from Fiberflow Filtration.

We usually receive the questions from end users that why the filter bags need to make the finish treatment of water oil repellent? The answer is for some special circumstance, this treatment will improve the performance and prolong the using life of filter bags.
Generally speaking, following situation we consider it easy to dewing:

  1. temperature lower than 80 degree centigrade and
  2. moisture content more than 8% and
  3. the bag filter house not work continuously

When the filter bags meet the dew, while unfortunately the filter bags is without water &oil repellent, the dust will mixed with the dew and glued on the wall of the filter bags, so that will make the filter bags blocked and increase the pressure in the bag filter house, so the filter efficiency will lower and energy consumption will increase sharply, that will shorter the using life of the filter bags obviously.
Further more, once there are some acid or alkali material in bag filter house, when they meet the dew which will cause some chemical reaction so that will engender some corrosive liquid which mixed with dust and glue on the wall of the filter bags that will decay the filter bags soon and also will increase the frequency to change the filter bags.


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