What the filter solutions can be provided by for alumina industry?

Alumina is a vital step towards production of metallic aluminium, and almost all alumina plants in the world use the Bayer process, the Bayer process requires a great deal of filtration capacity yet presents enormously challenging conditions for filtration equipment, what we provide is the heart of the filtration equipment--filter cloth!

The filter cloth from mainly can be offered in the following 4 steps when producing the alumina:

  1. Residue separation – Red mud filtration
    To produce a residual mud, containing a minimal amount of process liquor, that can be safely stored, or disposed of, by stacking.
  2. Residue separation – Liquor polishing
    The accumulated overflows from gravity settling may still contain a small amount of fine suspended solid matter. If these particles are allowed to pass into the precipitation process, they would contaminate the product with, for example, iron and titanium compounds. This will then affect the properties of the alumina and, ultimately, affect the aluminium smelters. For this reason, the liquor is passed through polishing filters to remove this matter.
  3. Precipitation seed filtration.
  4. Product washing and filtration.

In those procedures, we can provide nearly all of the filter fabrics to meet your filtration equipments’ requirements. Any filter solution needed, just feel free to contact us!