Where are our filter cloths and filter bags be used?

Fiberflow Filtration as one of the biggest filter cloths and filter bags suppliers in China, we manufacture and sell various filter fabrics/filter bags which can be used in many kinds of places as following:

  1. Chemical industry:
    Dyestuff, pesticide, silicic acid, glycerin, white, carbon black, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, assistant,etc.
  2. Food industry:
    Sugar mill, vintage, microzyme, juice, edible oil, vegetable oil, sauce, etc.
  3. Metallurgy industry:
    Gold, platinum, uranium, cobalt, nickel, zinc, manganese, copper, iron mine, etc.
  4. Non-metal mine:
    Cement, asphaltum, waste coal, washed coal, ceramic, ball clay, etc.
  5. Medical industry:
    Enzyme preparation, amino acid, bacteriophage, medical intermediate, blood preparation, etc.
  6. Environmental protection:
    Chemical wastewater, electroplating wastewater, mining wastewater, life wastewater, water treatment plant wastewater, steel plant wastewater, dust collecting,wastewater, leather plant wastewater, drinking &dyeing wastewater, seaport slit, red mud, brine sludge, calcium carbide sharp, gypsum, waster acid recycling, gold mine gangue,etc.
  7. Car industry:
    Filtration, decoration,etc.