Cotton canvas / cotton-polyester canvas

Fiberflow Filtration provide pure cotton canvas or cotton-polyester canvas for many kind of usage, such us used to make the diaphrame bag for electrolytic industry, edible oil filtration, or be used as the base cloth in the middle of the conveyor belt, etc.

Provide polyester/cotton fabrics which is special designed for electrolytic industries adopted as diaphragm bags(such as diaphragm bags for electrolytic Nickel plants), the fabrics adopted well-chosen polyester-cotton yarn, then woven by top-ranking heavy-duty rapier looms, after the special finish treatment, with the properties of high tensile strength, equal permeability, low resistance, high electrolytic efficiency, good acid and alkali resistance, easy install, low price, longer using life.

Typical parameter of cotton canvas
Series model number Density


Bursting strength
Air permeability
Fabrics Construction

3950 152/98 780 4500/2800 <10 Hight tensile strength,
Low perbility

9898 228/149 1080 5000/3000 <10 Hight tensile strength,
Low perbility

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