Polyester dewatering belt, net

Fiberflow Filtration provide polyester dryer fabrics, helix fabric, forming fabric, pulping fabric .pulp washing screens , vacuum screens ,sludge dewatering screens, desulfurization belt for power plant, polyster fabrics for Non-woven .Filtration cloth. And Variety of high-density grain filter mesh Stainless Steel.
Product quality has reached international advanced level, in the same sector has reached its leading position. Our products are widely used in paper-making, environmental protection, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, coal, chemical fiber, chemical fertilizer, ceramics, cement, sewage treatment, power plant desulfurization and denitrification, non-woven manufacturing, battery insulation board, wood based panel equipment industries etc. And exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East and Southeast Asia and other international markets.

Some joints:

Polyester net----paper forming fabric

Polyester net----nonwoven cloth forming

Polyester net----dehydration nets

Polyester net----pulping fabrics

Polyester net----dryer fabrics

Polyester net----other fabrics

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